Stress reduction at work

Nowadays a lot of us are dealing with a high workload: several different projects running at the same time, a never ending to-do list, all the e-mails that need to be answered, not enough time to get everything done… We are processing and consuming a lot more information compared to the past and we try to combine our heavy job with a busy social life. This causes us having much more stress, which has a major influence on our jobs and lives. Stress decreases creativity, increases distractability and can cause physical and psychological health issues. We lose sight of what is important, work inefficiently and are less productive. Our life passes by so quickly and we often forget to enjoy it.


However, not everybody is experiencing the same amount of stress under the same conditions. Besides having a healthy physical condition a strong mind is a determining factor. Meditation helps you manage your stress levels, makes you feel more energized and makes you more productive by resisting distractions. During this seminar you will learn the basics of meditation and you will experience what it is to train the mind.

This seminar is for everyone who wants to know how you can strengthen the mind and how you can reduce stress at work.



Niels de Stürler Boekwijt is osteopath and meditation teacher. He trains people in how they can strengthen their mind by using meditation techniques. He has trained employees in big corporations including Johnson & Johnson and Arboned, and gives leadership trainings to managers, CEO’s and vice presidents. Niels became a buddhistic monk in Thailand and over the past 6 years he has learned everything about meditation and how to integrate this method into the daily life.


The seminar will take place at:

Spui 173
2511 BM Den Haag
Tuesday 13 October at 20:00

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