CEO Training

Physical and mental resilience are an essential base to carry out our work in a professional way, year after year. We have to practice and we have to put some effort in it to increase this resilience. Without practice, it won’t work.This profound way of training our mind and body, is still unknown to many of us, simply because we are focused too much on getting short term results. Another reason is that we don’t exactly know how to strengthen our mind and body, but with some patience and the right effort you will find a tremendous treasure that is valuable for the rest of your career and personal life.

Trainer Niels de Stürler Boekwijt

I give individual executive trainings to top entrepreneurs and CEO’s of multinationals. I train them to strengthen their mind and to stay physically healthy, by using meditation techniques and osteopathic interventions.

For over seven years, in Lampung Thailand, I’ve learned everything about meditation and how to integrate this method into your daily life, be that at work, at home or anywhere else. In 2015 I became a Buddhist monk to experience the highest and most disciplined form of meditation. Besides being a meditation teacher I work as an osteopath and these disciplines perfectly complement each other.

Working at the highest level of management means dealing with a lot of responsibilities and a fast paced workload. Therefore it is important to know how to recharge, strengthen the mind and to reduce stress. As a result of the training you will get to know yourself better and you will learn how to stay in balance.

My tailor made meditation programs and the ability to strengthen your physical condition by osteopathic interventions, provide a sustainable solution for those who want to continue to perform at the highest level in a healthy way.


During an intake meeting the content and intensity of the training will be estimated.


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