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    Easy steps on the road to happiness

Vision Makkhawitee

Our vision is that both individuals and professionals can integrate mindfulness in their lives, to create durable success for both their private and professional lives.




Meditation is growing its popularity. Meditation as we usually practice here is mainly directed at resolving burnouts, stress or depression. This means people stop meditating when they feel better. We train our bodies in all sorts of ways, and meditation ca be viewed as a training for the mind. The more we train, the better are the results we get. A trained mind is calm, clear and possesses wisdom to overcome difficult encounters. The right training will help us to worry less, experience less stress and we feel happier. Especially when we continue with the meditation when we feel better, we explore unknown territory filed with unconditionallity and lasting happiness. This can give us strength in every area of our lives. Makkhawitee distinguishes itself by integrating authentic meditation methods from monks in the north of Thailand in its trainings. We show the differences with continuing meditation when life is going well.

Integration the Eastern philosophy within the western frame of mind


Makkhawitee does not use the usual Western stress reduction programs, but has explored the effective Eastern methods that look at problems from a different point of view. It is this work with the ancient meditation techniques as they are practiced by monks in Thai temples that makes Makkhawitee truly unique. We do not only provide Western solutions, but we focus on strengthening organizations and people like you and me. This overcomes problems and its consequences. This is opposite t the Western view that focuses on eliminating symptoms. Our teachers are trained at Buddhist temple Piyapodok Dhammastan in Chiang Mai (Thailand). We organize meditation courses, trainings for companies and individuals.


Meditation training

Training the mind though meditation is not easy. De right guidance is extremely valuable. It takes commitment and perseverance to get to the valuable insights. Makkhawitee is a school of meditation where practicing meditation has the highest priority. To be the best you can be takes a lot of training. For us, this is one of the most effective ways to free yourself from dissatisfactions that can disrupt our daily life.

  • Live in the moment
  • Uncomplicated life
  • Different view of life
  • Overcoming your own obstacles
  • Reducing stress
  • Breaking through patterns
  • Creativity, focus and a calmness


How to achieve this?

Makkhawitee offers different options for learning to meditate. You could take a private lesson with our very experienced and professional meditation teacher. You could also take part in retreats that are organized frequently. During these intense training days, you will have the opportunity to meditate for a longer period of time in order to get better results. Makkhawitee offers both single and multiple day retreats in the Netherlands, but also in other countries.